Mussa Sheboniea

I have completed my MSc in Mobile and Satellite Communications five years ago from South Wales University, UK. During that time a friend of mine, who was a student at Brunel, informed me about the high standards of its Engineering Department. I became interested and following some research I found that Brunel is a diverse university that accommodates high number of international students like me. I managed to meet one of the academic staff members at Brunel before applying and I had a focused discussion on my proposed study area. This meeting reinforced my decision to apply for a PhD here.

From the first day at Brunel I was welcomed to the university’s community of staff and colleagues. I really appreciate the study atmosphere at Brunel. The university facilities are available 24/7 to students and more importantly the security in the university and living conditions are of a high standard. Honestly, I would not see myself studying away from the campus as everything you could possibly need is available around or nearby. After a long day of studying or socialising at the weekend in Central London I can easily come back to the campus using public transportation and enjoy a quiet, peaceful night.

I am now in my third year of the PhD and look forward to finishing my studies and following my career as researcher.

Page last updated: Tuesday 05 July 2016