Nadia Ali Qassim Al-Aboody

I got my MSc degree in Computer Science from the Iraqi Commission for Computers and Informatics (ICCI) in 2007. I always wanted to pursue my PhD studies. Unfortunately as a result of the war most of doctoral lecturers were fleeing the country and no PhD studies were offered in computer science.

There was a scholarship programme run by the Iraqi Ministry for Higher Studies offering PhD opportunities. I applied for it in 2012 and I got accepted, taking one year to finish all the paperwork and get the UK visa.

I was excited about this scholarship for many reasons. I knew that I will be offered better education opportunities, be a part of another culture, and have the opportunity to develop new life skills. I wanted to understand others better as well as getting the education I dreamed of.

Brunel was recommended by my friends who studied there. I checked the website and I saw diversity, academic background and professional supervisors. For me, it was a great adventure and I was very encouraged to apply to the Department of Electronic & Computer Engineering.

When I came to Brunel I knew I made the right decision. At the beginning everything was a challenge, but when I started to familiarize myself with the facilities at Brunel, life got better. I made new friends to last a lifetime from different countries, I became part of Brunel volunteers, I gave back to the community and gained many new experiences. I campaigned to become a postgraduate representative through The Union of Brunel Students and got elected in 2015.  

When I finish my studies and go back to my country, I will carry with me not only my PhD degree, but also life knowledge, stories of people I met and worked with, and many great friends that I will keep in touch with. Every day I thank God for this eye-opening adventure.

Page last updated: Thursday 31 March 2016