Najla Alromaih

When choosing a university, I found Brunel a very friendly environment to be in. I saw many reviews from both UK and international students, who had all seemingly had fantastic experiences. As an international student, being in a multicultural environment helps me to engage with the university more in terms of sports, societies and events. Unlike other universities I visited, the campus is very lively and there is always a lot going on.

The fact that Brunel is all on one campus means that it is very easy to socialise with a variety of people from a wide range of departments.

Brunel’s staff members are some of the friendliest people I have ever met. They’re very helpful and encouraging in helping their students to pursue whatever they desire to achieve, on top of that, each lecturer has their own way of teaching and motivating students.

Brunel is one of the most diverse universities that I visited in the UK, every day I meet students from different countries and backgrounds, it is very interesting that we are all gathered in the same place and all have at least one thing in common, even if that is simply enjoying what Brunel has to offer on both an academic and social level.

Page last updated: Friday 16 January 2015