Neil Levitan

Level: Research
Department: Department of Clinical Sciences

I started my academic career studying for a BA in International Relations and Development studies and a MA in Migration Studies from the University of Sussex. After a short period of time working in political research and campaigning I decided that I wanted to do service in the community so found a job as a youth worker at a small community centre in East London. As part of this I was offered the opportunity to gain a professional qualification in youth work and as someone who has always loved learning I took up this opportunity without hesitation. I chose to come to Brunel to study for my youth work qualification as it has the best reputation in the field. I loved the course and the lecturers the minute I participated in my first seminar. I found the course stimulating and it really helped me gain an understanding of the theory and youth work practice which is still the bedrock of my practice today. I also made some very close friends who I have maintained relationships with. After I completed my PgCert in youth and community work I went into practice but maintained my relationship with the youth and community team. I volunteered to be a practice supervisor and helped out with practice based teaching. I also supported my PhD supervisor on a research project that launched my study. The best thing about Brunel for me is the diversity that you find amongst staff and students. It is feels like the whole world can be found on campus. I learn something new every day which is why I keep coming back. I am also blessed to have amazing support from my supervision team. My study involves a lot of emotional labour and my supervisors are always there to offer me guidance which makes the PhD journey a less isolating. Another amazing thing about Brunel is that it really values the views of students. I have been very impressed with the way that issues are dealt with in non-tokenistic collaboration with post graduate research students. Socially, I make use of the sports facilities which are very well equipped and help keep my mind and body healthy.

Page last updated: Tuesday 24 May 2016