Nikki Norman

Since graduating from Brunel I am now working as a Physiotherapist at Poole Hospital, Dorset.

Whilst at Brunel, I was privileged to complete placements at Great Ormond Street Hospital, the Royal Free Hospital and Kings College Hospital where I received high quality training and I was able to apply the knowledge that Brunel had taught us.

The timing of placements work very well as you complete your first year and then go on your first placement in the January of the second year. This means you have completed a variety of teaching modules and feel well equipped when you're on your first placement. Your two final placements occur after all exams have been completed and assignments submitted. Therefore I found the way the programme was structured was highly motivating as it meant that we were able to aim to be working on these two final placements at the level the clinicians expected from newly qualified physiotherapists. This structure was also a real bonus when it came to applying for jobs as we could show we had basically been working almost “as newly qualified clinicians” during the final weeks of the programme.

I would highly recommend Brunel if you want to become a Physiotherapist for the above reasons but also because the staff are very supportive and approachable. In addition, there are extra-curricular activities during the year such as staff vs student wheelchair basketball tournament and many other events which I took part in. Brunel campus is also great because it's all on one site and there is something for everyone in the societies and sports clubs.

Page last updated: Tuesday 08 March 2016