Patrick Hargan

I arrived at Brunel knowing no one and I was very nervous. However, during fresher’s week the student mentors were great and really helped me settle in. I made sure to go to all of the activities and events, where I met a lot of nice people who later became my friends.

Brunel is more than just a university – it’s a community. I’ve gained so many friends in the past year, and I believe Brunel has made me a more social and enthusiastic person. I love the fact that Brunel is a very diverse university as I get to learn a lot about various cultures and traditions, which I wouldn’t have experienced so much if I’d stayed in Ireland.

Brunel’s campus is amazing, I’ve visited several other universities and none compare. The fact that outlets such as Costa and Subway are right on campus means that I don’t have to travel far after a lecture to refuel with a coffee and a sandwich. Last year, several of my friends visited me and were very impressed with how social everyone seemed, and couldn’t believe some of the facilities we have on campus.

I honestly love Brunel, and after I graduate, I wish to remain involved with the University in some way.

Page last updated: Thursday 25 February 2016