Pauldy Otermans

When I decided to join Brunel, I had already completed two Masters’ degrees in neuroscience and business administration (marketing). Following this I was keen on doing a PhD in neuroscience, decision making and human behaviour. While looking for good research opportunities, I got in touch with Dr Andre Szameitat via my application on an online advertisement for a PhD position and found his research topic very interesting. This prompted me to join Brunel and work together with him. Apart from matching with my research interests, the diversity of Brunel attracted me greatly. Having studied in The Netherlands, United States, France (Paris) and Switzerland, I love universities with an international student community which is extremely accurate for Brunel. In fact I have met people from over forty countries during my one and a half years at Brunel.

I am very pleased with the research and support facilities that are provided at Brunel and the Graduate School is particularly very helpful towards all postgraduate students. Being part of a full-fledged campus university in London is another massive bonus. Brunel also has a very active Students Union which organizes regular events catering to its eclectic student population. The Union has over a hundred of clubs and societies for students to engage in. The Union also gives plenty of opportunities for students to get elected as officers: I have been elected as the as the Vice-President of Postgraduate Students. After completing my PhD at Brunel I wish to remain in academia and pursue a post-doctorate or a lectureship in the field of neuroscience.

Page last updated: Thursday 31 March 2016