Rebecca Gould

I'm currently on my penultimate placement at St Thomas' hospital, which I feel very privileged to have been given! I'm doing msk outpatients and I am in the hydro team, so I get to do at least three hours in the pool a day with a huge variety of patients. The majority of our patients have low back pain, patellofemoral joint pain or shoulder pain, so our assessment skills are getting really good in these areas! It's nice to have a mixture of both hydro and outpatients as it can get a bit hectic with just 45 minutes to assess and treat each new patient in the clinic.

Completing the msk module at Brunel, and reading around different pathologies has enabled me to develop invaluable assessment and treatment skills but it's definitely worth practicing practical clinical skills on other students before hands on experience with patients.

Looking to the future I’d really like to get a rotational post in a large teaching hospital in London like St Thomas’ to get as much experience as I can then hopefully find a static job somewhere, hopefully involving amputees and complex trauma rehabilitation.

Page last updated: Monday 26 October 2015