Rikesh Padhiar

Upon doing a little research, I found Brunel to have quite a good reputation amongst Universities. I was also quite keen to get as much work experience before graduation as possible, which made Brunel really appealing due to how much placements are promoted.

In terms of location, I found Uxbridge to be quite a nice area and not too far from my home. All in all, I found Brunel to be easy to travel to via public transport.

As for my course, I mostly wanted to focus on something IT related whilst having the opportunity to gain some experience in programming. Personally, I liked what Computer Science offered due to it being quite a broad subject that allowed me to explore many different areas.

Overall, I found staff to be quite supportive. Specifically, I really liked the fact that each year my personal tutor would be the person I could go to if I had any worries or questions about the course in general. During my time at Brunel, I felt as if I was really pushed and motivated by lecturers, however, at the same time, I never felt as if I lacked support. One of the most positive things I found about Brunel was how open lecturers are to answering your questions, whether it's by email or an informal conversation after a lecture.

My final year project was based around an ‘Investigation of serious gaming in visual impairment detection’. The project idea stemmed from wanting to base my dissertation around the impact of games in health care. This lead to me creating a serious game using Visual Studio, C# and the Kinect SDK.

I made use of the service throughout my second year in order to help tailor my CV for a placement and also during my final year in order to help secure a graduate job. In both cases, I found the service to be extremely helpful. Although appointments were limited, I found every meeting to be useful and very supportive. Not only did this take away the stress of sorting out my CV, but it also helped prepare me for interviews.

I carried out my placement with Gamma as an Undergraduate Software Support Specialist. The role was advertised by the Brunel Placement and Careers Centre and appealed to me, so I decided to apply. After a phone interview and face to face assessment, I ended up receiving a job offer which I accepted.

Overall, I found the placement to be a rich experience. I always had a certain view of what it would be like to work in a software-related role; however, I found the placement to be completely different to what I anticipated. Contrary to my original beliefs, I was given a lot of responsibility and was allowed to work on many different areas of the business. Every day was a new learning experience and undoubtedly it helped advance my skills to a level that can only be achieved through practical working experience.

Undoubtedly, if I had not carried out the placement, my CV would contain a lot less skills and experience. I have no doubt in my mind that my job applications are gaining interest from employers thanks to the positive impact my placement has had on me. 

Overall, I found Brunel to be an excellent university. It is one of the few that really push students into securing a placement, which is something that has really helped make my future after graduation seem extremely bright and full of opportunity.

Page last updated: Thursday 17 March 2016