Salman Al-Subaie

I did my Master's degree in Saudi Arabia in 2007 and it was entitled “Evaluating the protections implemented against terrorism activities in Saudi Arabia”. Since then, human rights issues in general, and specifically in Saudi Arabia have attracted me. In 2009 I joined Brunel University because of the brilliant reputation and its significance among other UK Universities.

My research interests lie in International Human Rights Law. I am examining the Accused Rights within the Saudi Arabia Criminal process “Arresting, Interrogation and fair trial in the court”. I am comparing those rights with the international Human Rights Standards and mainly focusing on the instruments that Saudi Arabia has ratified on. The importance of the study comes from the fact that Saudi Arabia in the recent years has ratified many conventions related to Human Rights. It is also beneficial to examine the degree of compatibility between Islamic law, which is implemented in Saudi with the concept of Human Rights.

I really enjoy studying at Brunel, as I am surrounded by phenomenal professors, staff, and very kind friends surround me. In the future I am planning to continue my career in the field of Human Rights.

Page last updated: Tuesday 04 November 2014