Sam George

I chose Brunel for its location, sports facilities, and the business courses offered. I also had a brother at the university and we planned on living together. The sporting facilities are great as it means I can pursue elite sport in my spare time, with all the facilities and equipment I need. It is a very diverse university, and has a lot of great opportunities to offer its students.

Prior to Brunel my background was predominantly sport, in terms of participation and study, and the course has exposed me to business and its deeper concepts.  I have made a conscious effort to continue participating in sport, but really focus the majority of my time on a new endeavour and more challenging concepts in a different field. This course has acted as a stepping stone, I have been able to focus primarily on the business side of the course, and adapt my thinking to more business oriented future.

For my placement I am an Intern at an organisation in Chicago, USA. I have been exposed to multiple facets of the organisation. I have rotated through different departments. I was initially in Media Research and Social Media, before moving to HR and now my final three months are in Marketing. So far I have learnt lots about customer relationships, online monitoring, social media and its place in marketing, and data entry into the largest PR database in the world.

Page last updated: Tuesday 08 March 2016