Sam Ody

If I could have set up a course that suited me, I would have arranged this one at Brunel. Like a lot of people when they leave school, I knew the subject area I wanted to go into but wasn't sure which aspect I wanted to pursue. This course allows acting, writing, directing, digital, perspectives, and musical theatre to name a few. The variety is brilliant for theatre makers and performers who want to establish their specialised area. I feel that being on the course coincides with the Arts Centre perfectly and due to the variety on the course, the Arts Centre has allowed me to continually grow as a performer while experimenting with the modules on my course. I also have to mention Michael Sanderson and Sally Goodworth, who are both excellent in their own right. Sally is one of, if not the best pianist I've come across. She can sight read anything and will do anything for you if you want any extra rehearsals for a concert, show or just to add to your personal repertoire.

The music awards and the Arts Centre itself are the foundation of creativity here at Brunel; if you enjoy anything music or art related this is the place to be. I started off auditioning for a music award. I didn't know anybody at all and it was quite a daunting experience, however after spotting the Arts Centre stall at freshers’ fayre, I went for it! I auditioned and received a full award. There are all kinds of levels of award suited to each individual. From this award I receive free singing lessons from Eileen Pinkarchevski, who is nothing short of wonderful in her teaching. Her experience and technique is extremely valuable to us as prospective vocal performers. I have learnt so much from Eileen and it wouldn't have been possible without these awards, I consider myself very fortunate to have been given this opportunity.

I am very excited about heading into my final year at Brunel and hope I continue to grow as a theatre and music maker and performer.

Page last updated: Friday 26 June 2015