Shahana Ansari

Level: Postgraduate
Department: Department of Clinical Sciences
College: College of Health and Life Sciences

The Master's programme that I am enrolled in fits my interests and passions better than any other programme I had seen. The campus setting of the University, as well as the high level of international student enrollment, served to further encourage my desire to study here.

Aside from my specific programme, I love that Brunel has a strong and welcoming community on campus. I have really enjoyed getting to know people from all around the world and forming friendships with them. I think that the free language classes are an incredible opportunity to get exposure to a language that one may not have in their home country. I also like that in Uxbridge we are connected to central London without having to live big city life all the time.

I would advise international students to look into applying for the International Scholarship. It's not only financial help, but also an opportunity to network with many different people and become part of a small community within the larger Brunel community. I also suggest that anyone starting at Brunel take the time to really look into everything about which they may have questions. Everyone here is very friendly and willing to help, so take advantage to really get to know your future home.

Page last updated: Friday 24 October 2014