Shiva Majidnia

I became interested in engineering from a young age. I used to take my brother’s car and airplane toys apart to figure out how they work. This behaviour was not always welcome as they were destroyed in most cases! At school, I used to be very good in mathematics and physics but not particularly good in literature and sports. So that was when I decided I should go back to my roots and study engineering. I decided to study computer hardware engineering for my undergraduate degree. I then continued to take one more step into the world of engineering by studying a Masters degree in Data Communication Systems at Brunel University. Having succeeded in my MSc with great results, I was awarded with a scholarship by Brunel University and The Welding Institute to pursue a PhD in Electronics and Computer Engineering. My research involves working on exciting industrial problems and finding novel methods and solutions to overcome them, which makes the research even more interesting. Working as an engineer can be challenging and hard work, but problem solving and solution finding are great paybacks to the hard work, making it a fulfilling and rewarding career. Women have traditionally been underrepresented in the field of engineering, and I am proud to take a small step alongside other female engineers to prove women can also do great things in engineering.

Page last updated: Thursday 17 March 2016