Sophie Walker

As a first year student, I haven’t been at Brunel very long, however my time here thus far has been fantastic!

I chose the university on the basis of the opportunities a biomedical science degree in human health offers. I liked that the module content has a real focus on practical applications of the knowledge you gain.

The tutors and lecturers are very supportive and approachable- I always feel comfortable asking questions in lectures or going to see my personal tutors for any queries or troubles I may have.

Here at Brunel, students of all years really integrate well together. Contacts and course buddies make you feel part of a bigger ‘family’ and encourage you to get involved in the wider aspects of university. ASK and Job shop offer so much support to shape you into the all-rounder you need to be, and the societies here cover a wide range of interests and abilities – I have joined Brunel LINKS and have begun a Spanish for beginners course. You hear a lot before coming to university that there is ‘something for everyone’, and at Brunel, there really is, whilst there is no pressure to get involved in the activities if you don’t want to.

My time at Brunel so far has taught me that university life throws a whole load of opportunities out there, but it is very much up to you what you make of them.

Page last updated: Friday 16 January 2015