Stephanie Berry

After graduating from the University of Manchester with an honours degree in Law, I moved to Copenhagen where I was an active member of Amnesty International’s Lawyers Group and the European Law Students’ Association, for which I headed a delegation to the United Nations in 2006. In 2008, I completed an LLM in International Human Rights Law at the Raoul Wallenberg Institute/Lund University in Sweden. I began my PhD at Brunel Law School in September 2008 and also work as a research assistant for the Collaborative Research Network – Human Rights, Security, and the Media.

My research focuses on the conflict prevention aspects of international minority rights standards and how these are applicable to Muslims in the UK and Denmark. This will include an analysis of international human rights instruments, including the UN Declaration on the Rights of Minorities and the Framework Convention on National Minorities. I will additionally address the national situation in respect of Muslims in both the UK and Denmark, including anti-discrimination legislation, integration policies, and freedom of religion.

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