Stephanie Wynne

I have always looked forward to clinical placement as an opportunity to apply class-based theory into a practical setting. As a final year physiotherapy student approaching qualification, my placements have become increasingly challenging, with greater responsibility and expectations each time. However, the clinical supervision that I have received has been excellent. My clinical educators have been highly supportive and provided ample opportunities to develop communication and teamwork skills and most importantly, confidence in my role as a physiotherapist.

I found my most recent placement at the Royal Brompton Hospital to be particularly enjoyable. Having developed a keen interest in the respiratory, cardiac and critical care modules at university, I was delighted to be allocated an intensive care placement at a hospital specialising in heart and lung pathologies. The teaching at Brunel University has provided me with a sound understanding of the key theoretical principles necessary for this placement. Yet, the opportunity to work with such a knowledgeable and experienced team helped to challenge and develop my competence in this unfamiliar and at times, overwhelming clinical setting. In addition to the challenging nature of the work, I particularly welcomed having the chance to build up a rapport with patients and see the progress made on a day-to-day basis, which was naturally extremely rewarding.

I feel extremely grateful for the exemplary training and clinical placements that have been provided by Brunel University. As a result I feel well prepared and excited to embark on my first role as a fully qualified physiotherapist. 

Page last updated: Friday 29 May 2015