Sue Wagland

Level: Postgraduate
Department: Department of Life Sciences
College: College of Health and Life Sciences

I chose Brunel for pragmatic reasons: It offered a part-time Master’s course in Molecular Medicine and it is within easy travelling distance of my home. Only later did I discover it has a good reputation in Biosciences. I was apprehensive about attending as a mature student but the Admissions Tutor was very encouraging on the phone and in the event I was not the only older person on the course. In the first few months I worked at home when I wasn’t attending lectures and practicals, but when the dissertation project began I spent most of my time in the laboratory.

All the lecturers have been enthusiastic and helpful, which has made fitting in to university life easier. I’ve also liked working with other Master’s students and undergraduates. I’ve enjoyed practical sessions and lectures, although I will never relish exams, and I have learned a lot from the dissertation project as I had almost no laboratory experience beforehand. The course requires that we use published papers rather than relying on textbooks, so I’ve been introduced to a whole new world of scientific literature, accessible online via the Brunel library. The subject matter is extremely interesting and I’m pleased to think that my little piece of research may contribute one day to the war on cancer.

I chose to do a Master’s degree to become qualified either for work in the pharmaceutical industry or for further study, but the course, and particularly the project, have suited me so well, that I have enrolled as a PhD student at Brunel.

Page last updated: Friday 12 December 2014