Tobi Wole-Fasanya

I was attracted to Brunel because of the convenience of the facilities. Everything was very easy to access and it's all on one campus.

Computer Science can be applied to almost every facet of life. Realising this gave me the zeal to pursue my course with passion, knowing that I could develop any kind of software and work in any field I choose. Lecturers are supportive and very accommodating - contacting a lecturer is as easy as phoning a friend. They always respond to our queries and direct us to the right resources.

In my final year I took part in an annual showcase event called Made in Brunel – Software Innovation run by the Computer Science department. I built a solar tracking system which was connected to an energy monitor. The device has light sensors in front so it can detect where the sun is brightest, turning the solar panel in that direction with the aid of a servo motor. The amount of energy being produced and used is displayed on the energy monitor allowing the user to regulate their energy use. This project can increase efficiency up to 50%.

After I graduate, I plan on working in the software development sector as I am passionate about developing new products. I would like to focus on C#, Java and Semantic Web development.

Page last updated: Friday 26 February 2016