Tom Butcher

I’m a final year Physiotherapy student at Brunel University, and I’m about to go into my final week of a 6-week placement at the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre (DMRC) Headley Court in Surrey, based in the department of Complex Trauma.

My main area of interest is the inpatient rehabilitation setting, with particular interest in trauma and high-level rehabilitation, I was therefore incredibly lucky to be offered the opportunity of a placement at Headley Court. I have worked with individuals with a range of injuries including multiple traumatic and elective amputations, spinal cord injuries, complex orthopaedic injuries from gunshot wounds and functional disorders.

The level of rehabilitation also ranged dramatically from the beginnings of re-teaching people to walk, to running, jumping and completing obstacle courses so demanding that they were out of my own abilities. Despite being such a specialist centre, I was still given my own caseload to manage independently and classes to organise and run. I also had incredible opportunities to complete trips with my patients such as horse riding on retired cavalry horses and cycling in Richmond Park.

Whilst being here I have worked with an inspirational group of both patients and staff who have taught me so much about not only Physiotherapy, but also what can be achieved through sheer determination and hard work! It is has been a placement which will be hard to leave, but also one which I have valued immensely.

Page last updated: Monday 26 October 2015