Yuen Mei Mak

I chose Brunel because the campus is located in London and I like the diversity in culture here. There are so many students from everywhere around the world and they have so much to offer. I enjoy the exposure to different languages and accents, different types of food, different ways of doing things, different religions and ethnicities - I just enjoy difference!

The university provides great accommodation and I'm enjoying sharing a flat with nine other students, especially the opportunity to share cooking skills!

Brunel offers a wide range of social activities and workshops for those who need help in terms of coursework, stress, or time management. There's nothing to worry about during your stay at Brunel as you're in good hands. Just sit back, study hard and enjoy being a student at Brunel!

The opportunity of obtaining a Master’s degree would definitely put me a step closer to achieving my goals of becoming a research consultant and a lecturer back in Malaysia, and the experience I have gained will be ideal for future PhD programmes.

Page last updated: Tuesday 27 October 2015