Zoë Thompson

The Occupational therapy programme at Brunel provides a great mix of hands on seminars and practice placements along with lectures by experts in the profession to provide a strong foundation.

In our seminars, we have danced together, baked together, and painted together, all the while learning how to lead groups ourselves and modify activities to suit different clients’ needs. I have benefited from this greatly as someone who likes to get involved and ‘do’ things as well as learn about them.

The amount of group work involved has been invaluable in terms of learning from each other, as well as in discovering what makes a group work well together.

The lecturers have always been very approachable and encourage discussion and ideas in seminars that have enabled me to develop as a self-directed learner.

Studying this course at Brunel has enabled me to not only have a good grounding as a future Occupational Therapist but also in many other areas of my life. Most of all, it has been a lot of hard work and great fun. 

Page last updated: Monday 02 February 2015