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Course name UCAS/PG code Study mode Level
Accounting and Business Management MSc (Brunel Business School) N400PACCBSMG 1-year full-time Postgraduate
Business Administration MBA (Brunel Business School) N200PMBASE 1-year (intensive) full-time; 2-years part-time Postgraduate
Business Intelligence and Social Media MSc (Brunel Business School) N100PBUSINSM 1-year full-time Postgraduate
Human Resource Management MSc (Brunel Business School) N600PHURESMG 1-year full-time Postgraduate
Human Resources and Employment Relations MSc (Brunel Business School) N600PHREMPRE 1-year full-time Postgraduate
Management MSc (Brunel Business School) N200PMANMGT 1-year full-time; 16-months full-time with placement Postgraduate
Marketing MSc (Brunel Business School) N500PMKTING 1-year full-time Postgraduate