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Recent Winners

July 2017

  • Mike Lakoju, Department of Computer Sciences
  • Phoebe Maund, Department of Life Sciences
  • Alireza Valizadeh, Department of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering
  • Bilal Al-Kaseem, Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering
  • Thair Al-Janabi, Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering
  • Alaa Radhi, Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering
  • Sophie-Christine Jahn, Department of Life Sciences
  • Maria Tsantani, Department of Life Sciences

April 2017

  • Dimple Chudasama, Department of Life Sciences
  • Ian Stone, Department of Social Sciences, Media and Communications
  • Juliana Byzyke, Department of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering
  • Longjie Wang, Institute of Materials and Manufacturing
  • Marcelo Bigliassi, Department of Life Sciences
  • Margje Den Broeder, Institute of Environment
  • Pauldy Otermans, Department of Life Sciences
  • Sunila Modi, Department of Computer Sciences
  • Toby Ellmers, Department of Life Sciences
  • Uchechukwu Onwukwe, Institute of Materials and Manufacturing





Joao de Aguiar Greca said: "I strongly recommend all students to apply for the Vice-Chancellor's Travel Prize and would like to share some tips with those who are planning on applying for it:

  • Development Programme Sessions attended: make sure that you are closely engaged with course opportunities offered by the Brunel Graduate School, as this can increase your chances of being successful with your application.
  • Training sessions attended: the more training courses related to your field of research you have attended the better. Hint: external training courses that you might have attended also count.
  • Conferences: previous conferences that you may have attended can make your Vice-Chancellor's Travel Prize application more attractive. Make sure you report previous conferences in your application."

DimpleChudasama said: "The conference was an enormous forum, consisting of cutting edge ground breaking research, by the top experts in my field. Not only did I learn so much that I can now apply to my own research, the conference allowed me to interact with other scientists to dicuss my work more critically and showcase my findings. There was also the opportunity to meet other researchers to discuss possible future collaboratios to broaden my work that will all benefit my PhD, as well as support me beyond when looking at potential career options. The whole experience has been extremely invaluable and allowed me to acquire so much more information, as well as strengthen my confidence and communication skills."