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Study with Brunel

Whether you're busy studying or revising for exams, we've created this website to help you out.

When you're studying or revising towards a specific exam or goal, it's easy to feel a little isolated, stressed or anxious, but you're not alone. Every student at Brunel University London has gone through something similar to get here, and plenty of the staff have, too. That's why we've put together this website. On it, you'll find advice, ideas and even musical recommendations to help get you through.

Study tips from Brunel students

No-one knows how to study better than our students. They've worked their way through their own exams to get to Brunel and they've picked up a tip or two along the way. With plenty of disciplines covered, you're bound to find some advice that applies to you. Have a read through and let us know what works for you.

Got your own advice for great revision and study sessions? Tweet your best tips with the #studywithbrunel hashtag.


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The ultimate desk setup #studyspaces

Setting up the right place to study is pretty important and everyone has a different idea for what makes for the ultimate desk setup. You might prefer a clean and simple space so you can focus without distraction. You might want a wall of notes to look at when you're trying to make sense of a big idea. You may even prefer to work from a coffee shop.

Whatever your ultimate desk setup looks like, why not share it with us? Post a picture of yours to Instagram with a brief description of what makes it great (be sure to tag us - @bruneluni - and #studyspaces). Browse the #studyspaces tag on Instagram and you may even see a few famous ones pop up!

Research-backed advice from Brunel Academics and Professional Staff

At Brunel, finding the best ways to study is serious business for us. Our research-active academics have even looked into it and found out how things like exercise and music can help improve your performance.  

In our new podcast you will be able to listen to some of our academics talking about some of the ways that you can get the most out of your studies.

Spotify Playlists #studysongs

When it comes to listening to music while you study, research has shown that what you listen to can make a big difference. To save you the trouble of choosing tracks, we've done the hard work and curated six #studysongs Spotify playlists. There’s even one that’s been curated by Brunel students for students!.

If you haven’t already signed up to Spotify, head over to www.spotify.com and start a free trial. Once you’re signed up and logged in, click on the playlists below to get listening.