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Urban Scholarship Terms and Conditions 2016/17

This scholarship is only available to full-time students and will only be paid once for each eligible level of study, subject to meeting progression requirements, regardless of the reason for repeating a level.

Scholarships will be allocated in early September, following publication of the UK ‘A’ level examination results, to those applicants who meet the following eligibility criteria: 

  • Must have attended the Brunel Urban Scholars programme for a minimum of 2 years.
  • Must have met the conditions of their offer in full.
  • Must be eligible to receive a tuition fee loan from Student Finance England and consent to the sharing of data submitted to the Student Finance England.
  • Must be ordinarily resident in England (i.e. excludes those living in Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland or EU, Overseas Territories, Gibraltar etc).
  • Must agree to take part in Brunel publicity and reports back to the scholarship donors.
  • Must have submitted a completed scholarship application by 31st July.

(Scholarships will be awarded based on results received at the University at the time of allocation. Late or amended results cannot be considered.)

The value of the scholarship will be up to £3,000 in cash each year, depending on the number of qualified applicants and on academic performance, for a maximum of three years, provided that the progression criteria have been met, as shown in Section 3 of these Terms and Conditions. A separate scholarship is available during the placement year for those who meet the criteria.

By accepting a scholarship/bursary the student is agreeing to become a Student Ambassador for the University. As a student ambassador, students will be expected to participate occasionally in various activities to help promote the University. This might for example include hosting tours of the campus and its facilities, providing administrative support at Open Days, participating in social media and other marketing activity.  

1.  Eligibility

a. Those not eligible for this Scholarship

  • Students who pay overseas fees, with the exception of the Undergraduate Academic Excellence Scholarship and the Engineering Academic Excellence Scholarship.
  • Students who have made Brunel their Firm choice in Clearing or Adjustment.
  • Students who transfer from another institution.
  • Students funded by the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) i.e. Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy.
  • Those on the final year of the MEng or MMath or MMath in Financial Mathematics (where a fee waiver will be applied).
  • Those on a Foundation year. Foundation year students will be considered for a scholarship following successful progression into year 1.
  • All scholarships and bursaries will be considered and awarded in year 1 of the course only, with the exception of the Care Leaver (Foyer Federation) Bursary, which will be awarded in Year 0.
  • Applicants entering the University in Year 2/Level 2 will not be considered for any scholarship or bursary.

b. Eligibility Definitions

Low income

Those with an annual residual household income of £25,000 or less. [Residual income is the household income before tax and after any pension contributions or allowances for dependent children.] For full time students, a full financial assessment must have been carried out by Student Finance England and agreement must have been given by the student to share this data. This assessment must have been completed at the time of scholarship/bursary allocation and it is the responsibility of the student to ensure this has been completed by the Student Finance England. 

Low socio economic group

Those who belong to the following socio economic groups:
4 Small employers and own account workers
5 Lower supervisory and technical occupations
6 Semi-routine occupations
7 Routine occupations
8 Never worked and long-term unemployed

Care leavers and those from the Foyer Federation

Those who have spent at least 3 months in care (and declared this on their UCAS application form) including at the time of their 16th birthday or are a Foyer resident. The Foyer Federation works with disadvantaged young people who are homeless or in housing need. A Foyer resident is someone who has been placed in Foyer Federation accommodation by their local authority. Eligibility must be verified by a Foyer Federation officer. Please contact for further information.


Those who declare a disability on their UCAS application and this has been verified by the University’s Disability and Dyslexia Service.


Those who are at least 21 years of age at the start of their course, except PGCE where mature applicants must be at least 25.

Low participation neighbourhoods

Postcodes classified as ‘1’ by HESA – “those wards with the lowest participation”. For further information, see the HESA website

Parents without an HE qualification

Those whose parents or step-parents or guardians have no higher education qualifications, such as a degree, diploma or certificate of higher education, and this has been declared on their UCAS application.

Local Borough Schools and Colleges

Those who completed Key Stage 5 in one of the schools and colleges in Brent, Ealing, Hammersmith & Fulham, Harrow, Hillingdon or Hounslow. 

Ordinarily resident in England

You are ordinarily resident in England if you have habitually, normally and lawfully resided in England from choice. 

Level of study

Level 1 = year 1; level 2 = year 2; level 3 = year 3

 c. Proof of Eligibility

  • Data will be collected from the UCAS/UTT application forms for information on low socio economic groups, age, low participation neighbourhoods, Local Borough Schools and Colleges and parents who do not have a higher education qualification.
  • For “care leaver”, evidence of care leaver status, in the form of written documentation from the student’s local authority (corporate parent) will be required before any payment can be made.
  • For “low income”, full time students must have provided Student Finance England with sufficient information to enable a full financial assessment to have been carried out prior to the allocation of scholarships/bursaries in early September, and consent from sponsor(s) to share this data. Brunel will use the result of that assessment to confirm “low income” eligibility. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that Student Finance England have fully carried out the income assessment prior to scholarships/bursaries being allocated or confirmed in early September.
  • Evidence of Disabled Students Allowance will be required before any payment can be made to those awarded a scholarship/bursary on the basis of a disability.

2.  Allocation 

2.1 Eligibility criteria are reviewed annually. 

2.2 Scholarships/bursaries are awarded to those who meet the eligibility criteria at the time of allocation. 

2.3 Students are considered for scholarships/bursaries using the information provided at the time of their application only and cannot be considered should their circumstances change during the course of their studies. Scholarships/bursaries cannot be backdated.

2.4 Only one scholarship/bursary can be paid to any one student in any one year with the exception of the Care Leaver (Foyer Federation) Bursary.

2.5 All successful students will be informed by email or letter at the beginning of September. 

2.6 Foundation year students will be considered for a scholarship/bursary following successful completion of their foundation year. 

2.7 Deferred applicants will be considered for a scholarship/bursary in the year they start their course and not in the year of their course application. 

2.8 The decision of the allocation panel is final. The University will not accept any appeals in respect of the decisions made by the Panel.

3.  Payment

The £3000 Urban Scholarship will be paid in three instalments in each year of a full time course up to a maximum of three years (or for three years of a sandwich course). The Scholarship will not be paid during a placement year. Successfully awarded students will be asked to supply relevant bank account details to support receipt of the cash payments by no later than the first day of Term 1.

3.1 Payment dates

For cash scholarship/bursary awards, payment will be made as follows:

1st Payment - 9 December 2016

2nd Payment - 3 March 2017

3rd Payment - 9 June 2017

3.2 Conditions of Payment

Payments will only be made providing:

  • The student is enrolled at the University on an undergraduate degree programme of at the time of the payment.
  • The student progresses to the next level of study [scholarship/bursary payments will not be made during a repeating year until the student has satisfactorily progressed to the next level].  

N.B. Where cash payments form part of the scholarship/bursary, this will be made direct to a UK bank account; students must supply accurate bank account details via their eVision account within the requested time.

Where a scholarship/bursary award spans more than one year, students will be written to in September to confirm ongoing eligibility to receive their scholarship/bursary award.

4.  General Terms and Conditions

4.1 Students may only be awarded one scholarship/bursary, with the exception of:

  • The Placement Scholarship which can be awarded alongside one of the other scholarships/bursaries.
  • The Care Leaver (Foyer Federation) bursary which can be awarded alongside another scholarship/bursary.
  • If a student is eligible for more than one scholarship/bursary, s/he will be awarded the one which will be the most financially beneficial across the full course duration.

4.2 Tariff points for scholarship/bursary purposes must all be gained normally within three years prior to admission to Brunel University London. 

4.3 Weightings given to each of the under-represented criteria are as follows: 

Care leaver 


Low participation neighbourhoods


Mature (Undergraduate - over 21)


Mature (PGCE Access – over 25)


Low income


Local school




Low socio economic group


Parents with no HE qualification


4.4 Where there are too many students with the same number of UCAS tariff points and insufficient scholarships/bursaries, the total number of under-represented criteria points scored will be taken into consideration when allocating scholarships/bursaries. 

4.5 This scholarship is not payable in the Masters year in the integrated degrees in Mathematics and Engineering because the course fee has been set at the national basic rate i.e. £6,000.

4.6 If a student has a debt to the University the cash award element of a scholarship or bursary will be offset against this debt before any remaining balance is paid to the student. 

5.  Withdrawal of a Scholarship/Bursary

5.1 The University reserves the right to withdraw a scholarship/bursary from anyone who is found to have misled the University about any aspect of their eligibility and to seek repayment of any monies already paid by appropriate means.

5.2 If a student changes to a different programme or to a different mode of study, their eligibility for a scholarship/bursary will be reviewed and the scholarship/bursary may be withdrawn e.g. to a course for which there is NHS funding.

5.3 A student who withdraws from their programme prior to completion and who is in receipt of a scholarship/bursary award will not normally be requested to repay scholarship/bursary payments made up to the point of withdrawal; however, entitlement to all future scholarship/bursary payments and/or adjustments cease immediately a student withdraws.

5.4 A student who takes a period of temporary withdrawal (abeyance) and who is in receipt of a scholarship/bursary award would cease to receive scholarship/bursary payments whilst temporarily withdrawn. Scholarship/bursary payments made prior to temporarily withdrawing will not generally be requested to be repaid and remaining payments would generally be paid once the student returns to complete that level of study.

5.5 Periods of temporary withdrawal that result in repeat or extended periods of study are not supported by additional scholarship/bursary payments. Scholarship/bursary entitlement is for the maximum duration of each award and entitlement is not extended if overall course duration alters.

5.6 Should a student be suspended for any reason, scholarship/bursary payments would be withdrawn and consideration of reinstatement will be dependent on the disciplinary outcome.

5.7 Students who commence their studies and alter a course that involves starting again at level 1 will not normally be eligible for scholarship/bursary consideration against the new course.

Any queries relating to these terms and conditions should be addressed to the Admissions Office by emailing: