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Women in Brunel Engineering and Computing

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Interested in supporting our engineering and computing graduates? We are always seeking partnerships with engineering and computing industry sectors

Project and Infrastructure Management MSc


The Women in Brunel Engineering and Computing (WiBEC) programme supports female graduates and undergraduates to attain their full potential in the engineering or computing industry sectors. The programme consists of a bespoke mentoring scheme (all mentors are professionals), personal professional development training and visits to industry

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Mentoring launch

We were delighted to Launch our 2016 Women in Brunel Engineering and Computing Mentoring programme, with over 70 students meeting their industry mentors for the first time. Nita Rabadia, one of our alumna, now at HS2 as Head of Specification and Assurance, was our guest speaker. She reached out to everyone with her speech, It was not only informative and motivating but because she spoke from the heart and told us about her personal journey it was inspiring.

My mentor offered me invaluable insight from the industry, guided my steps through the whole year and actually acted as a beacon for my smooth transition from academic to the professional environment. 

Vasileia Vasilaki - Civil Engineering (MSc)

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