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Our mentoring scheme

Our 2016/17 mentoring programme will officially launch on campus on Tuesday, 1 November

Our aims for programme are:

  • To support the mentee to support her employability and attain her full potential in the engineering profession
  • To assist the mentee to build information about career direction
  • To assist the mentee develop a network of key contacts
  • Provide the mentee with an opportunity to increase confidence and familiarity with aspects of workplace culture
  • Assist mentors to keep up to date with current knowledge within their field through contact with current university students
  • Develop mutually beneficial relationships between the university, its students and the companies involved

You will need to complete the mentee profile form from which we will collect information that will help in matching you to a suitable industrial mentor. Deadline for your completed profile form is now closed. 

All female computing and engineering students above Level 1 are able to apply to join the scheme; however, in the event that there is a shortage of mentors, priority will be given to MSc students, Level 5 MEng and second year students. An important aspect of this mentoring scheme is that everyone receives appropriate training before matching. This ensures that both mentee and mentor gets the most out of the mentoring relationship.

Once you have been accepted on the programme you will be invited to attend one of the five opportunities for training in October. In addition, students are offered the opportunity to actively participate in visits to industry, speed networking events and several professional skills workshops and presentations.

What our mentees said about the 2015/16 mentoring scheme

66.7% advised that they had increased their industrial sector knowledge and 78.3% have increased their confidence.  Initiative, enterprise and commercial awareness skills were also highlighted as having improved.

List of eligible courses

If you want to be considered for the WiBEC mentoring scheme contact:  

Giselle Hayward - Mentoring Manager 
Email: Giselle.hayward@brunel.ac.uk or wie-mentoring@brunel.ac.uk 
Tel:+44 (0)1895 266343 
Or complete the mentee profile form above.


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Mentoring scheme

Watch current Mechanical Engineering student Vivian Lee explain the advantages of joining our mentoring scheme along with her Mentor, Gary Henderson Head of Engineering TMD Technologies Ltd. Gary has mentored Brunel students for three years and explains how his industry has benefited and encourages other companies to get involved with our mentoring scheme.