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Canvas Kayaks are made by stretching canvas over a wooden frame. They can be made rigid or folding. The rigid models are easy and cheap to make at home. Both types are strong, light and stable.

Replacement Folding Skins can be made by

The rigid hulls are made from 18oz PVC. This material is used for truck covers and can be found in the Yellow Pages under tarpaulin makers and marquee manufacturers. The decks are 10-12oz proofed canvas (unpainted to be allowed to breath). 12-15oz proofed canvas can also be used for the hull if it is painted with two coats of spirit based top coat, but PVC is stronger, does not need painting and is maintenance free. For more info visit or download Chapter 6 from Canoes and Canoeing.

Below are two canvas and PVC suppliers in the UK.
9 Fairfield Park • Five Lanes • Launceston • Cornwall • PL15 7RQ
Phone/Fax: 01566 880116 • Mobile: 07770 543215
email: john @

The Protective Textile Co Ltd
Canvas Works, Cox Lane, Chessington, Surrey KT9 1SG United Kingdom
T · (44) 020 8974 1271 F · (44) 020 8974 1957

If anyone knows more sources for this material, please let me know as this is the most frequently asked question.