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Nautiraid from France make these fine folding kayaks. This is a Grand Raid. For more information visit their web site at http://www.nautiraid.com or email info@nautiraid.com

Click Here to see more detailed photos of how this kayak goes together.

After a great deal of thought and lots of cups of tea this is the folding kayak I decided to buy. I have been delighted with it and I still think I made the right choice.

The reasons for choosing it were:

1) I like wood, more wood the better. I especially like the laminated coaming and even the trolley is made if wood!

2) It is just about affordable and comes with full expedition spec.

3) It does not rely on lots of metal fittings (see note 1).

4) It has plenty of room for wife and kids etc.

5) Another thing I like is because the sponsons are on the outside of the hull they create a smooth finish, like a rubber dinghy, with none of the wrinkles you get along the sides of other folding kayaks, a small point but there you go!

Having got it I found it to be very well made and sturdy, very comfortable and easy to assemble and getting easier every time.

There are no bad points to this kayak. If you choose to buy a Nautiraid, I also recommend their eskimo paddles (the long thin ones) they are more comfortable than "normal" paddles.

Eskimo Paddles

Another cool thing about Nautiraid Kayaks are their sails. They only make downwind sails, the logic being it is quicker to paddle upwind than tacking under sail. This means you do not have to have lee boards. The sails are easy to put up, take down and stow when sitting in the kayak. I keep mine in their bag lashed to the rear deck and whistle for a tail wind!


I have mixed feelings about sailing in kayaks. I used have some exciting sails in a Blandford with full upwind rig and lee boards! Generally speaking I spent more time putting them up and taking them down than actually sailing.

If you are on a long trip and you are fortunate to have a strong tale wind then downwind sails can be great. However such a helpful (and rare) wind will also help you along if you are just paddling. The Nautiraid sails are small enough to take along just in case, but on shorter trips they are more of a novelty that a practical idea. I would still recommend buying the sails and I am glad I did to make my kayak complete. I am still waiting for that elusive wind :-)

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