Call for Papers

Workshop Proposal: E-Business Strategies for Collaborative Consumptions


July 15-17, 2019 | National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia

Collaborative consumptions has become a popular term based on new business models. It represents a new business model in which the access to goods, services, spaces, and other assets can be shared or obtained. With greater connectivity brought about by the proliferation of internetworking technologies, it has become much easier for individuals interactions, businesses can construct online platforms to increase connectivity between service providers and users. While there are many practitioners who have prophesized collaborative consumptions as a game-changer for how businesses function, there are also a number of issues need to be investigated, such as under what conditions a collaborative consumption can make profit ? in what way? In light of the opportunities and challenges posed by collaborative consumption, there is a clear urgency for a systematic and thorough scrutiny of how value creation and appropriation can take place within such economic environments while minimizing its negative impact to businesses.

This workshop embraces both retrospective and progressive views of how collaborative consumptions would work profitably with technological advances. We welcome papers that identify and address knowledge gaps in e-business strategy development for collaborative consumption with focus on how to quantitatively evaluate business model. Papers that subscribe to inter-disciplinary perspectives and/or adopt mixed methods are particularly welcome.

This special issue will highlight the roles interplayed by IT, people and organisations in the context of sharing economy. We welcome conceptual, analytical and empirical contributions in this area that may focus on topics including, but not limited to, the following:

         Development of mathematical and computational models for business models fostered by collaborative consumption


         Examining how design features of collaborative consumptions would affect business performance††


         Leveraging big data analytics techniques for suppressing collaborative consumption based business


         Understanding consumer journeys in collaborative consumption markets


         Examining the social and psychological factors that influence user participation in IT platforms for collaborative consumption


         Exploring ways to stimulate service providersí intention to share their goods in commercial sharing platform


         How does business value can be co-created with stakeholders in the sharing economy?


         Discovering essential strategies, resources and capabilities that enable organisations to compete in collaborative consumptions


         Case study of individual and organisation in collaborative consumption


The word limit for paper is 5000, the format is standard IEEE template.

For any enquiry please contact to Dr. Kevin Lu,