Formal Approaches To Testing of Software 2002 (FATES'02)

Draft Programme

A satellite workshop of CONCUR'02

Brno, Czech Republic, August 24th 2002

900 915 Welcome

915 1015 Invited speaker: Elaine Weyuker
Thinking Formally About Testing Without a Formal Specification

1015 1030 (Position paper) Thomas J. Ostrand
Generating Formal Specifications from Test Information

1030 1100 Coffee Break

1100 1230 Kirill Bogdanov, Mike Holcombe
Testing from statecharts using the Wp method

Florentin Ipate , Marian Gheorghe , Mike Holcombe , Tudor Balanescu
Testing Nondeterministic (stream) X-machines

Mike Stannett
Complete Behavioural Testing (two extensions to state-machine testing)

1230 1400 Lunch

1400 1530 Timo Aaltonen, Joni Helin
Formal Basis for Testing with Joint Action Specifications

Alex Petrenko, Nina Yevtushenko
Queued Testing of Transition Systems with Inputs and Outputs

Fan Zhang , To-yat Cheung
Optimization Problems in Testing Probabilistic Finite-State Machines

1530 1600 Coffee break

1600 1730 F. Ambert , F. Bouquet , S. Chemin , S. Guenaud , B. Legeard , F. Peureux , N. Vacelet , M. Utting
BZ-TT A Tool-Set for Test Generation from Z and B using Constraint Logic Programming

Stefan Bisanz, Aliki Tsiolakis
Using a Virtual Reality Environment to Generate Test Specifications

Marius C. Bujorianu, Manuela Bujorianu, Savi Maharaj
Towards a formalization of viewpoints testing

1730 Closing

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