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Watch out for bikes

More motorcycle safety tips...
...and yet more...
(Note that I can't vouch for the safety of external sites.)

Number One! (Complete with someone else's front-tyre rubber...) Number One! Picture of the offender

The really mad motorcyclist!

Ride 'em, cowboy!
(But not as mad as the antelope...)

Me 'n' my 10-speed!

See ResearchGate link above or link alongside for my publications o Interested in muonium chemistry? Or the Large Hadron Collider? Here's a list of my publications.

Here's an interesting visualisation of the code-development activity for the CMSSW Simulation and Analysis software for the CMS experiment at CERN. See if you can spot my name amongst all the other developers...

My first Linux success -- installing Scientific Linux on an external USB drive.
o Some of my motorcycling exploits:
My first Grand Prix.
A rather painful trip to Norway.
A weekend in Holland.
A weekend with the guys 'n' gals in Aberystwyth.
Here are some of my closest friends -- bosom buddies, if you will...
A scary racing story. (NB: Mothers aren't allowed to follow this link!)

Now that I'm working for CMS, I sometimes try to engage the public with "Outreach" activities. Here's a mostly accurate account of a visit to an Australian high school.
Here are some digital holograms I made in collaboration with 2012 Artist-in-Residence, Jayne Wilton.

(Watch in full-screen and at least 720p quality.)

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