Journal of Intelligent Systems: Editorial Board

Editor: Intelligent Systems, Artificial Intelligence.   

Dr BHANU PRASAD                                                                                        
    Department of Computer and Information Sciences,                                           
    Florida A & M University,                                                                             
    Florida 32307, USA                                                                                         

    Phone: 1-850-412-7350.   Fax: 1-850-599-3221                                       



Editor: Cognitive Science, Cognitive Neuroscience, Philosophy.  

    Dept. of Social Sciences
    Brunel University
    Uxbridge, UB8 3PH,

    Phone (+44) (0)1895 265957  fax (+44) (0)1895 237573



Editor: Intelligent Systems, Artificial Intelligence.                                                           

    Dept of Computer Science,
    Florida State University,
    Florida 32306-4530


Editorial Board

I. Aleksander, Department of Electrical Engineering, Imperial College, London, U.K.

S.Y. Chen, Department of Information Systems and Computing, Brunel University, Uxbridge, Middlesex
UB8 3PH, UK. Email:

A.Daskalopulu, Assistant Professor, Dept of Computer & Communications Engineering University of Thessaly, Deligiorgi Building, Gklavani 37 & 28th October, 38221 Volos, Greece

S. Gaglio, Dipartimento di Ingegnaria Elettrica Universita di Palermo, Palazzo Steri Piazza Marina, 61 - 90133 Palermo, Italy.

R.L. Gregory, Department of Psychology, University of Bristol, Bristol, U.K.

 K.N. Gurney, Department of Psychology, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, U.K.

E. Kim, Department of Computer Science, John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Science, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND 58202-9015, U.S.A.

 J.J. Koenderink, Buys Ballot Lab., Utrecht Biophysics Research Institute, University of Utrecht, POB 8000, 3508 TA Utrecht, The Netherlands

 T. Kohonen, Information and Computer Science Lab., Helsinki University of Technology, SF-02150 Helsinki, Finland

 G. Luger, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM 87131, U.S.A.

 R. Macredie, Department of Information Systems and Computing, Brunel University, Uxbridge, Middlesex

J. Marshall, Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford, OX2 6HE, U.K.

 K. Oatley, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education,University of Toronto, Canada.

 R. Paul, Department of Computer Science, Brunel University, Uxbridge, Middlesex, UB8 3PH, U.K.

 H.C. Plotkin,Department of Psychology,University College, Gower Street, London, WC1E 6BT, U.K.

 B. Prasad, Florida A & M University, Tallahassee, Florida, U.S.A.

 Z. Pylyshyn, Center for Cognitive Science, Rutgers State University, New Brunswick, NJ 08903, U.S.A.

 D. Rose, Department of Psychology, University of Surrey, Guildford, U.K.

 I. Russell, Department of Computer Science, University of Hartford,West Hartford, CT 06117, U.S.A.

C.N. Schizas, Department of Computer Science, University of Cyprus, 75 Kallipoleos Str., P.O. Box 537, CY1678 - Nicosia, Cyprus

 R. Shaw, Department of Psychology, University of Connecticut, 406 Babbidge Road, Storrs, CT 06269, U.S.A.

 W. Smythe, Okanagan University College, Kelowna, BC, Canada

 I. Stabile, Medical School, University of Malta, Msida, Malta

J.T. Todd, Department of Psychology, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio 43210, U.S.A.

 D. Walters, State University of New York at Buffalo,Buffalo, NY 14260-2000, U.S.A.


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