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These pages contain information on Foursites, a vision research collaboration between four universities in SE England.  Research seminars take place at each of the universities in turn. Talks usually begin at 16:30 and normally run for up to an hour, with time afterwards for a discussion of the issues raised. Informal discussions usually continue afterwards at a pub and restaurant. Additionally, one day conferences and symposia are run. All vision researchers are welcome to attend.
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- NEW - Foursites Symposium on Brain Imaging and Vision, 24 June 2002 - NEW -

A History of Foursites: some past seminars
Foursites Vision Research Fifth Symposium, 21st June 2001
Foursites Vision Research Fourth Symposium, 22nd June 2000,
Foursites Vision Research Third Symposium, 29th June 1999
Foursites Vision Research Second Symposium, 9th July 1998
Foursites First Symposium: Brain Imaging and Vision. 25th March 1998
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What follows are links to the host University's directions web pages. They should be of use, but if they are not, links to the normal University web pages are given on the `Those responsible...' page (see list above). The seminars are free to attend and all are welcome
  • Brunel University Campus
  • University of Reading.
  • Royal Holloway University of London
  • University of Surrey.

  • A note to visiting speakers...
    It would be of great help if the authors of the seminar would provide an abstract (either in written or electronic format) for inclusion on the Foursites Web Site. These can either be given to Michael Wright at the seminars or sent to :

     Professor Michael Wright
    Department of Human Sciences
    Brunel University
    UB8 3PH

    Fax : 01895 237573
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    These pages are maintained by Prof. Michael Wright.