Submission of manuscripts

Submit manuscripts to one of the editors. The manuscript must be electronically submitted as an email attachment in MS Word format to ( Papers are accepted only in English. Pages must be sequentially numbered. Papers should not exceed 8,000 words in length and contain no more than six figures / tables: longer papers may be rejected as unsuitable for the Journal's format.

A form must be submitted with the manuscript confirming that the paper has not previously been published in whole or part, confirming the originality and authorship of the article, and acceptance of the copyright conditions.

 Writing The Paper

 The papers in this journal are intended for an interdisciplinary readership. This requires a simple, direct and concise writing style. Present the main thrust of your argument or a statement of the problem first, with supporting details and arguments second. The significance of your work should be apparent to readers outside your field, even if you seem to explain too much to your colleagues. Avoid specialised jargon and abbreviations, but use technical terms when necessary, defining those likely to be known only inside your field. Readers will avoid a paper they do not understand.

 The manuscript should be organised in the following order:

  1. Identification

  2.  Author(s) name, academic title and affiliation (full postal address + e-mail) should appear, on a separate page. All correspondence will go to the first named author, unless otherwise specified.

  3. Abstract

  4.  Each paper will be preceded by an abstract. It should be around 150 words. It should clearly support the subject and should be expressed unambiguously. Begin with a statement of purpose of the study, unless it is embodied in the title. The abstract should not be a simple duplication of the conclusion.

  5. Key Words

  6.  Under the abstract identify a set of six key words or index terms which, optimally characterise the paper.

  7. Text

Page proofs and reprints Page proofs of the article will be sent to the corresponding author. These should be carefully proof read. Except for typographical errors, corrections should be minimal, and rewriting of the text is not permitted. Corrected proofs must be returned within 48 hours of receipt to the publisher.

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