Ellipse: An Object-Oriented and Database-Coupled Expert System Development Environment

Rashmi Malhotra1 and D.K Malhotra2

1Saint Joseph's University, 5600, City Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19131, USA, email: rmalhotr@sju.edu;
2Philadelphia University, School of Business Administration, School House Lane and Henry Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19144, USA, email: MalhotraD@philau.edu


In this study, we describe a relatively new approach to address the short-comings of traditional expert-system environments- the infomation-based approach - namely, using a combination of OOP, DBMS, and expert systems. This study illustrates the design of an object-oriented expert system shell (Ellipse) that uses a combination of knowledge bases and databases. Ellipse offers a generalized, flexible system that supports embeddability, rapid prototyping, backward-chaining, explanation facility, linkage to databases, and implementation independence. Further, to illustrate the capability of the shell, we present the design and development of MFA-Mutual Fund Advisor.


intelligent systems, expert systems, object-oriented paradigm, database management systems, intensional knowledge, extensional knowledge.

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