Oyindamola Abass*,   Gheorghita Ghinea

School of Information Systems, Computing and Mathematics

Brunel University, Uxbridge Middlesex, UB8 3PH





Most of the existing frameworks for electronic negotiations today are tied to specific negotiation systems for which they were developed, preventing them from being applied to other negotiation scenarios. Thus, evaluation of electronic negotiation systems is difficult as each one is based on a different framework. Also, each developer has to design a new framework for any system to be developed leading to a ‘reinvention of the wheel’. This paper presents SOLACE - a generic framework for multi-issue negotiations, which can be applied to a variety of negotiation scenarios. In contrast with other frameworks for electronic negotiations, SOLACE supports hybrid systems in which the negotiation participants can be humans, agents or a combination of the two. By recognizing the importance of strategies in negotiations and incorporating a time attribute in negotiation proposals, SOLACE enhances existing approaches and provides a foundation for the flexible electronic negotiation systems of the future.



Electronic Negotiation, Frameworks, Multi-attribute negotiation