Broadband diffusion: usage and impact on consumer-user behaviour




Jyoti Choudrie and Yogesh Kumar Dwivedi



School of Information Systems, Computing and Mathematics

Brunel University







The aim of this exploratory study was to examine the broadband consumers’ online habits, the usage of Internet activities and on-line products purchase. For this purpose a survey was used. Findings of this study suggest that the changes in the total time spent on-line, Internet usage frequency and online performed activities can occur when people use broadband technology. The paper also suggests that broadband use has an influence on off-line purchase behaviour, on-line product purchase and over-all on-line experience. Since broadband technologies enable a range of communication and Internet services, studying individuals from various segments of UK society provides a useful starting point for understanding the impacts of broadband on Internet user behaviour and growth and development of electronic commerce. Finally, the concluding section provides implications, limitations and future research directions.

KEYWORDS: Broadband, diffusion, usage, impact, consumer, UK