MAFELAP 1999 Abstracts - instructions to authors

Please prepare your abstract, which can be up to one A4 page in length, using LaTeX2e and the guidelines given below. The purpose of these guidelines is to help generate, in a smooth, efficient and uniform way a volume of the abstracts and to gather together information such as author names, addresses and - optionally - emails, URL's, telephone numbers and fax numbers. To conform to these guidelines you just need to follow the instructions listed below.

Structure of the abstract

The structure of your abstract should be as follows (a skeleton LaTeX2e file is available from

\hoffset=-4mm\voffset=-1cm \textwidth=6.6in\textheight=9.5in

Title of abstract, names of authors, addresses and possibly other details.

Main body of the abstract


As an example, based on the 1996 Mafelap Conference, the header information can be supplied in the following form.

\hoffset=-4mm\voffset=-1cm \textwidth=6.6in\textheight=9.5in
Numerical simulation of viscous fingering using B-spline boundary elements

L. C.Wrobel$^1$, K.~X.~H.~Zhao$^2$, H.~Power$^2$

$^1$Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Brunel University, Uxbridge, UB8 3PH, U.K.

$^2$Wessex Institute of Technology, Ashurst Lodge,
Ashurst, Southampton SO40 7AA, U.K.


To help us in the processing of the abstracts here at BICOM it would help if you present header material with no special formatting. For example, do not capitalize words, use \centerline, or bold faces. Additionally references, if any, can be given in-line in the form:

as is shown in [J.~T.~Oden, The Mathematics of Finite Elements and
Applications, Ed. J.~R.~Whitemen, 1993, pp.~1--24]
or referenced in the text with the LaTeX \cite. In this latter case the list of references should be generated by bibtex and the bibtex file must also be sent.

Apart from these requests, authors have almost complete freedom in the layout of the main body of the abstract with the main constraint being the length restriction of one page.

Sending the abstract

Please send the abstract in one of the following forms.

You can optionally also send a printed version of the abstract. If you send the abstract by email or if you give us an email address with the posted information then we will acknowledge your submission by email. Also, if you know at this stage that your paper will be part of a mini-symposium then please can you indicate this in your submission.