Writing Mathematics

Writing mathematical texts is not easy. It is a skill, that can only be learned though practice. On this page you will find descriptions of ressources to help you write, edit and typeset mathematics.


You can consult the following books and booklets for some practical advice on the subject.

  • Franco Vivaldi. Mathematical Writing. Springer Undergraduate Mathematics Series, 2014. xviii+204 pp.
    A very accessible book that focuses on the art of writing good mathematical prose. It will explain, why "The set of solutions are all odd." is not a well written mathematical sentence and give tips on how to improve it. The first chapter is particularly useful, showing common mistakes and how to correct them. The book deals mostly with the smaller building blocks of a text - sentences and paragraphs, definitions and theorems.
  • Kevin Houston. How to Write Mathematics, 2009. 26 pp.
    This short booklet is an excerpt of the book "How to Think Like a Mathematician" by the same author. It covers similar material than Vivaldi's book, but with more focus on hand written mathematics.
  • Nicholas J. Higham. Handbook of Writing for the Mathematical Sciences. Second edition. Society for Industriala dn Applied Mathematics (SIAM), Philadelphia, PA, 1998. xvi+302 pp.
    While Vivaldi's book reads more like a textbook for an undergraduate course, this book is better suited as a reference to be consulted when needed. It covers not only writing sentences and paragraphs, but discusses also the bigger structure of a paper and a thesis.