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Mathematics for dogs and cats

Dear Students,

Naturally not being at school, college or university must be a big disappointment to you all, especially not having maths lessons! So I am here to help you out and keep off boredom. Just click on the links below whenever you feel the need to do some lovely maths! Tests 'for cats' are roughly GCSE level, whilst those 'for dogs' are roughly A level.

The idea here is to have fun, but try hard too. You may do the test as often as you wish and in any order. If you do a test again, you'll get similar, but different, questions.

If you get a question wrong, it doesn't mean you are a BAD PERSON unless you ignore the feedback! Read it carefully.

As is just 'for fun' don't worry about inputting your name or student number (just put in anything you wish - nothing rude though!) and input school into the email box as instructed. Don't input a real email address - I don't want it!

You can find the full range of questions at: maths e.g. but some of the topics will blow your minds and are intended for you when you read maths, science, engineering, computer science and even economics at university. However, some should be fine for now - just look for the GCSE or A level tag to the right of each question. Please tell your maths teachers about this - it's all free! They can set up their own tests for you by following the link to the teachers' interface.

As with all software, it has its quirks and foibles. Please don't report them - we know and will be updating the whole interface later this summer. For now, USE THE MOUSE not the Enter or Return keys, and use Chrome or Firefox on PCs. It should work on all devices (incl phones) and all browsers, but Microsoft Edge can be a bit iffy!

Tests for cats

Tests for dogs

For suggestions and comments on the construction of this page please contact Professor Graham Dogg via his pet human: Martin.Greenhow@brunel.ac.uk

Last updated 28/04/20