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Athens 2004 Olympic Games

I flew from London to Athens. I was staying in a hotel slightly to the west of the centre of town. Most spectators caught the Metro to the stadium. I preferred to use new rail line as it was just as quick, the trains were mostly empty, and the carriages were air conditioned. You also got off near to a side entrance, and so it was a lot quicker getting into the stadium. Here I am in the Olympic Stadium.

Kelly Sotherton (GBR) in the long jump event in the Women's Heptathlon. After a scare with two foul jumps, Kelly eventually got a jump in. She finished with the bronze medal.

Nick makes the obligatory trip to the Acropolis.

Hrysopiyi Devetzi (GRE) celebrates her silver medal in the Women's Triple Jump Final.

Nick outside the stadium. After the morning session on many days I went to the GB hospitality centre a short distance from the stadium. Here I could relax, go for a swim, and watch the other events on a big screen television that had a BBC feed.

Chiel Warner (NED), Dean Macey (GBR), and Erki Nool (EST) on the victory lap after the Decathlon. The Women's Pole Vault Final is in the background.

Roman Sebrle (CZE) celebrates his gold medal in the Men's Decathlon.

Svetlana Feofanova (RUS) discusses technique with coach Bondarenko in the Women's Pole Vault Final. Ellie Spain (GBR pole vaulter) is in the foreground taking a photo.

Yelena Isinbayeva (RUS) vaults in the Women's Pole Vault Final.

Yelena Isinbayeva (RUS) in tears after winning gold in the Women's Pole Vault Final. Yelena won with a new world record of 4.91 m, Svetlana Feofanova (RUS) was second with 4.65 m, and Anna Rogowska (POL) was third with 4.65 m. You can see Isinbayeva's jumps in the video here.

Nick and Steve Rippon. This was taken just outside the athletics stadium.

Chris Tomlinson (GBR) in the Men's Long Jump Final. He finished 5th with 8.25 m. This photo was taken shortly after the competition had finished and he looks a bit dejected at missing out on a medal. The guy in the blue shirt is his coach, Peter Stanley.

The Olympic flame.

Nick before the start of the Men's Pole Vault Final. The athletes in the background are getting some practice jumps in.

Tim Mack (USA) after his gold medal winning jump in the Men's Pole Vault Final, about to have a go at 6.00 m. Tim won with 5.95 m, Toby Stevenson (USA) was second with 5.90 m, and Giuseppe Gibilisco (ITA) was third with 5.85 m. You can see the jumps in the video here.

Toby Stevenson (USA), without his trademark black helmet.

Toby Stevenson (USA) and Tim Mack (USA) celebrate their medals.

After the Men's Pole Vault Final, many vaulters, coaches, and pole vault fans met up outside the stadium for drinks. Here is Rosanna Ditton, Rachel Dacy, Mark Stewart, Nick, and Steve Hooker (AUS). Steve vaulted in the Qualification but did not advance to the Final. He was off a 12-stride run-up! Rachel represented Australia in the pole vault at 1998 Commonwealth Games and Rosanna was one of my training partners when I lived in Sydney.

Svetlana celebrates her silver medal with a hot dog and a beer! Rachel Dacy, Rosanna Ditton, and Svetlana Feofavova (RUS).

I had some photos of Kelly Holmes' win in the Women's 1500m and the GB 4 x 100m Men's Relay win, but I have lost them.

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