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Important life lessons I learnt during my degree

Posted: February 13 2023

Hima, MSc Physician Associate
Hima, MSc Physician Associate

đź“šImportant life lessons I learnt during my degreeđź“š

I am in my final year of study and here is what I have learnt during my time at Brunel!

1. How to become better at persevering:

During an undergraduate or master’s degree, you will be faced with many challenges which you will have to overcome. Although they may seem very difficult at the moment, they will surely make you a more independent person and prepare you for life after university.

2. How to become better at time management:

During your time at university, you will have to make a timetable in order to manage your time effectively and allocate specific time intervals for specific tasks. Studying under strict timings also prepares you for work after university and is a major skill in day-to-day living. Assigning specific times to specific tasks throughout the day allows you to work smarter and use the extra time that you have to do the things that you love.

3. There’s always time for fun:

Primarily you are at university for a degree, it is also important to allocate time to do the things that you love and spend time with the people that make you happy. Make the most of being a student and use all the opportunities that you are given in order to make your time at university worthwhile and a memorable experience.