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Equality and Diversity Research Conference

Brunel University London held it’s first Equality and Diversity Research Conference – ‘Drivers for Change’ on Wednesday 20th April 2016

The Conference presented research studies exploring equality and diversity issues from a number of perspectives. The research provides insight into contemporary issues of importance in the field of equality and diversity and explores the impact that new evidence may have in informing change.

Issues explored included:

  • Gender and nationality bias in building teams
  • Work placement experiences of students with disabilities
  • Council housing policies
  • Loneliness and experiences of old age
  • The impact of science interventions for girls
  • Gender and sexuality in relation to identities and inequalities in children and young people
  • The Opening Keynote Lecture "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others" (George Orwell), will be given by Professor Fiona Ross, Kingston University and LHEF. 
Please see the full programme of speakers