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Professional Subscriptions Policy 2019/20

Colleges, Institutes and Departments are able to subscribe to professional associations or similar organisations on a corporate basis where the reason for the subscription is to obtain access to professional literature, journals, advice, etc. Corporate membership must be in the name of the University, College, Institute, Department or a post (e.g. ‘The Administrator’), paid for directly by the University, and the membership address must be University premises.

Where a member of staff is required to be a member of a professional organisation in order to fulfil their duties as required for their employment at the University, they may in some circumstances have those fees paid by the University. Criteria for decisions should include maintenance and development of primary services, limitations of the current budget, and normal expectations for the group of professionals concerned, eg recruitment and retention issues.

The University will only pay subscriptions to professional associations if the association is one that appears on HMRC's approved list. The University does not normally pay for individual membership of non-qualifying bodies as there is a tax liability.