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Frequently Asked Questions - Students

Why can I not see 'My Modules'?

It may be that you have not yet had your modules allocated to you on the system. In the meantime please try the plain “Modules” tab.  From there you can select all your modules by holding down “Shift” and clicking the relevant modules from the list. 

Why can I not see all activities on 'My Timetable'?

This is mostly where the timetabling data needs to catch up with course changes or allocation to groups. To see group activities (such as labs or seminars), you may need to view “MyModules” while the data catches up with any recent changes. “My Timetable” will show your individual group activities once you have been allocated to specific groups. Some courses do not allocate students to specific groups but you should instead find out from your tutors when to attend a session.

Can I change seminar/tutorial/lab groups?

You may be able to change to a different group from the one you were allocated to. Please contact your Taught Programmes Office (TPO) who should be able to help you. 

Where can I find out more information about my course?

If you are a student looking for information on your course, please contact your department’s Taught Programmes Office (TPO).