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What is mentoring?


 Face-to-face Mentoring

 Involves meeting a mentor regularly in their workplace over a period of 6 months from November to May. The main purpose of having face-to-face meetings is to work on goals you have agreed on in an active way and gain a close-up experience of a professional work setting. Meeting your mentor allows you build vital interpersonal skills employers expect and involve you in other essential learning and development: Face-to-face mentors can facilitate:

  • Mock interviews
  • Work shadowing
  • Practice presentations
  • Meet your mentors work colleagues and build your network. 

 Eligible students normally meet one or more of these criteria:

  • students from low income households (annual income of less than £25K)
  • students of Black and Minority Ethnic [BME] backgrounds
  • mature students [21+ at enrolment]
  • students with a disability/dyslexia
  • local authority care leavers/foster care
  • carers - has dependent children or is an adult carer
  • Estranged Student (18-25yrs living independently with no contact with parents or family network)
  • students from Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities
  • refugees, have experienced serious disruption to formal education
  • students with specific learning difficulties and mental health problems
  • children of military families
  • students that have studied vocational course, e.g. BTEC
  • students that have undertaken Access or Foundation courses(incl. HeadStart)

Aims of the Programme

  • To help mentees develop essential employability skills to gain graduate level jobs
  • To build self-esteem and confidence and to learn and develop vital interpersonal skills that employers expect
  • To assist mentees set and work towards goals
  • To give an insight into a particular industry or sector
  • To identify career goals, and convert aspirations into practical steps towards securing a placement or further study
  • To produce an outstanding CV and improve interview skills
Why become a mentor?

These programmes provide employers with a rewarding opportunity to contribute to the career and personal development of Brunel students, whilst developing their employees' mentoring and coaching skills, and building links with the University.

To register as a mentor click on the link to register and complete the form.


 Apply to become a mentee

Registration is very straight forward. Click on the link to register and complete the form.

Application deadline for students is 28 September 2018. For more information please email our Mentoring Co-ordinator.