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Research and Innovation

Creating an environment that drives research focused on innovation and improving practice. Fostering collaborations between academia and healthcare to improve the quality of care for patients, efficiency of services, opportunities for students and the health and wellbeing of the local community, both young and old. 


  • Increasing research activity across the trusts including collaborative research

  • Developing a sustainable joint clinical research office which provides a ‘one stop shop’  approach from idea through to submission

  • Implementing a structured clinical fellowship programme

  • Creating collaborative partnerships with industry which benefit the acceleration of research activity

  • Research grants, high impact papers, effective translation into practice, innovation and commercialisation.

  • Knowledge exchange programmes  extended to product manufacturers and service providers

  • Generating flagship areas of expertise within the centre

  • Developing facilities to undertake research and knowledge exchange (labs, workshops, technologies)

  • Whenever possible and applicable, a user-centred research programme that reflects the requirements and aspirations of the local community and end users

  • A clear, effective and appropriate ethical research framework