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Our vision is to enable the delivery of cost effective, high quality care to patients and service users, and to create the conditions for improved health and wellbeing in partnership with the local community. 

The goals of the Brunel Partners Academic Centre for Health Sciences are to educate and develop health and care professionals with skills to work effectively in a new and changing environment, to support the delivery and translation of patient-centred research, and to leverage the academic expertise and experience of the University to develop innovative solutions for the challenges faced by the local NHS. 

BPACHS is part of a wider network of primary, community and care services that will flex and innovate in response to the changing physical, mental health and care needs of the local population.

BPACHS will be the vehicle through which research, innovation, and education activity occurs. It will drive the training and development of the health and care workforce to meet the demands of the service of today and develop the workforce of tomorrow. It will develop and deepen the research skills and experience of partner organisations, and promote research in an interdisciplinary environment.  It will enable programmes of innovation and development across multiple modalities and skill areas within the University and externally to create solutions tailored to the meet the specific needs of NHS staff and patients.